Thursday, January 14, 2010

So Sick of Digital! Gahhh!!!

Ok, so I was working on something similar in Painter. I think I might have cracked. It's currently abandoned, until I get either uncracked or unsick of it. I then did something drastic.

I whipped out the Borden & Riley #234 Paris Bleed Proof Paper for Pens.
This stuff is great. Anyway, much doodling-scratching- and Crayola marker action later. I bring you this.
It's so real to me, pencil and pen on paper. Magic marker, even the Crayola's were so responsive. They were just "There", in a way that the tinting brush never was for me. It just makes me want to pull out a super large sheet of Strathmore Museum Board. It's so good, I gave it all Caps.

In other news, my Brother got his LDS Mission call today. He's going to Morristown, New Jersey. Here's me hoping that he has a good "Two year vacation." This is funny, just because I went to the New York, New York North Mission about 14 years ago. Time flies I guess.


Piya said...

Nice! Usually don't see the Sisters marching in full regalia like that. Good to see you're working on rounding out the 40K universe a bit more.

Soooo, you're bro's going to be in NJ huh? You're going to visit him right, so we can go tear up New York City?

Ed Davenport said...

You know it. =) It gives me a good excuse to move to New York. Not that I'd hang out with him every P-Day, but it would be fun to bend some rules and see him at Christmas or something.

The 40k universe is such a fun place to play in. The games kinda fallen out of my favor, but drawing it still rocks.

Next sisters pic I'm doing, unless I finish that digital turd I pooped out the other day, will probably involve a squad disembarking a land raider.