Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Crayola, and Gouache. My true loves.

Strange things afoot. I'm neck deep in ideas for different drawings. Mostly characters, mostly things I can't figure out how to market. But I'm moving forward with them anyway. I"m sure something is right around the corner. I'm just not sure what. I've been very happy with what Crayola's been doing for me, marker wise. At the same time I'm going to morn the loss of my Pantone Trias when they finally run out of ink. I don't have any easy solutions for ultra marker replacement. I assume that I'll have to bite the bullet and invest in a boat load of Copic markers. Of course, It's time to invest in a new computer as well. And with all this investing being thrown around. Why not dream big and get a girl friend too. I've started drawing on drafting film. Found some that I've had lying around. The trick to it, is to have very clean hands. The stuff's got an awesome tooth, but being plastic; the graphite doesn't absorb into the pulp. And, if you're not careful, it'll mix with the oils on your skin. Suddenly, you're oil painting.
I've been surfing around. And I can't help but notice this Steam Punk movement. It's pretty thrilling to me. I'm going to have to jump on this band wagon. It seems to me, that it's very much like what I do already, just with goggles. I like goggles. So, from now on. I'm doing more goggles. Throw some gears in there, and I'll be part of this huge genera.

Now, to find a job.