Thursday, September 27, 2012

Steam Punkish

Watercolor on Canson multi media paper. The stuff rocks. Repost of a painting I've thrown up on my Deviant Art page. About a week after posting, one of the dudes I watch who watches me too went on a "punk" rant. Seemed he was somewhat upset that the term "punk" had lost it's meaning. This happens. Best thing to do? Invent a new word.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Poink! (which I think is the sound of someone posting; if not, it should be.) A quick blue pencil drawing that I really like. Trying to break out some comic book hero designs. My bro put me in his blog. Which is, if you haven't seen it, awesome. He talked about some "Commander Mark's Draw Squad" that we watched as kids. And about some an art class that we attended waaay back in the day. I still have the sketchbook from that class. Anyway, check out his blog, it's a great read. If I fell into the artist side of super creativeness. He fell even deeper into the writer side of it. What are you still doing here, go check out his blog!