Thursday, June 26, 2008

Always feel a bit horrible if I post without artwork. It's a bad habit, but it can be an interesting hurdle as well. Not that I don't have anything to post up, but the choosing of the artwork that I put up is always a challenge. I don't want to show anything "too" unfinished, but then I don't want to post'pwn (it's a real word... lol ) posting up projects that I'm working on either.
Right now I'm painting over a gouache (how's that for an imaginary word) painting in Painter. I'm finding it a challenge to retain all the texture and fun that the paper allowed me. I mean, if I wanted to I could polish this thing until it nothing of the physical painting remains. I'm sure that there's artistic damnation in that direction. For me, that is. It's a personal choice, but I get more of my milage out of physical paint. Digital paints great, Photoshop is a thing of beauty don't get me wrong. But I'm still married to molecules. Gratefully, my minor infidelity with digital media hasn't gotten me in trouble yet.