Thursday, December 4, 2008

So, what's on my easel?

This is on my easel. No digital anything, pure acrylic baby. This has been a displacement activity for me of sorts. Work's been slow, and I'm polishing up the portfolio. I like to think I'm in a good place. If one were to ask what I do in my spare time, I can say I paint, draw, do comic books. And the artwork I do I like. Now, I'm always seeking to improve. I'm in no danger of having my head not fit through tight door frames. But it's big enough that I'm actually going through doors. Or will be after a couple more of these. I think I'm going to paint a horse in my next piece. But, I don't wanna give too much away. I mean, what would be the fun in that?


Ed Davenport said...

Yeah... the horse is turning out great!

Omama said...

Very nice. I'm excited to see the horse.

StudioRisingStar said...

Nice ED! Great to find your blog man!
Missed you!

- Brandon Robinson

Ed Davenport said...

Woot! Brandon.
Welcome to the party.

NoName@blogger said...

i like the woman with the gun. the pose looks good. great blog.

Megan said...


I was a tad bored and thought I'd see what you have been up to lately.

I hope all is going well for you.

Megan Thompson