Sunday, December 7, 2008

Ah, here's a couple of sketches that I'm working on.

Here's the 'favored' thumbnail for the horse pic, the color is still rough, and I might fiddle with the back ground some more here, but I really liked the energy in the horse and where it was going n' all. The other sketch is proof you can do water color on anything, just be prepared for a few wrinkles. Still, even in it's wrinkly state: I like it a lot. Maybe I'll make it a back ground layer and digital it all out. Still... love the expression on this one.
Enjoy you guys.


Omama said...

I use that expression at school alot, just minus the gun. hehehe. The horse is great.
All your paintings show movement. Movement just ended, or just happening, or upcoming. I think its your signature. No still paintings from you.

Piya said...

I've always liked the rough sketch look. Good job Ed. And a change from a girl with a gun this time: a girl with an ax! And I'm wondering where you got the inspiration for the horse armor...hmmm...where could you have gotten that idea??????