Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I've got it! it's scanned. Beware!

Seriously, I'm so excited about this thing. I almost didn't attend the 24 hour comic book day. I had work that morning, and was seriously intimidated by all the cool work that was up when I wheeled in at about 7pm (9 whole hours after it all started!) So, I stuck to what I was good at, what I loved. And I wrote for myself, who not only is my favorite audience, and biggest fan: But is also the critic I love most. My evil plan (Muhahaha!) is to get this thing onto and release it page a day style. So, to read it.. You're going to have to wait, or corner me. I'll let you read it then. As far as a title? Meh, it'll come to me sooner or later.

Enough Verbage, let me show you what you came here for.


Omama said...

Hey, ubber cool. I like it, now I will never look at fast food the same way again.

Ed Davenport said...

Yep, changing the world.. one blood soaked hamburger at a time. =D

Jonathan Colton said...

I will look at fast food the same way - with schadenfreude.

Omama said...

I just left Drunkduck. Didn't have to search.
Your on the home page. Ummm, What can I say.
Violence, bad language, love. What more could you want. I always suspected that the hamburger wars were violent.