Friday, September 12, 2008

Chucks class

So, these are from a clothed figure class. Five minute drawings each, we were just warming up that first day. Fun stuff all over. Our model was pro, and was doing interesting stuff all day long. That's got to be hard when you have 6 hours of class time. So, school is back in full swing. I'm scrambling for work, and I've got Thumbnails for a dream homework assignment due by saturday night for my online class. I've got the best idea for it, I've got the worst idea for it. See, I hate drawing other peoples concepts for homework. There is something in me that wants the high beams of my brilliance directed at the class, unfiltered by someone else's kick ass designs. Say, if I was going to paint a mob of super assassins for instance... I'd fret about how they would all need to be my super assassins. Even if the idea is just as awesome when it's done with someone else's super assassins. •I know what I'll do.• I'll call it an homage. Problem solved. It's good to know that most of my serious creative problems can be solved with a little vocabulary. Anyway, enjoy my saucy news print.


Jonathan Colton said...

Homage? Sounds good I guess. What about WarHammer chicks?

Ed Davenport said...

It's true... I love the giant shoulder pads those outfits have too. It'll be cool no matter what it ends up 'being'.