Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Busy busy day.

Crazy, I'm back in the Grad program at the AAU. I'm seriously excited about it. I haven't felt this level of enthusiasm since i was a freshman here in the first place. Something about realizing a goal that I've had for a long time I guess. Also, the iron is hot, the blog has been blogged in with sketches like crazy. Almost, gasp, to the point that I don't get comments any more. Meh, it's all good. Having a ton of work online is it's own reward. Here's a 'doodle' I did on painter, I really just got carried away with the hair here. Eyelashes too. It's small, but running around all day makes for a tired guy who needs to sleep. Also, online classes with famous Illustrators are fun. If nothing else, it gives me a worthy target for my 'forum mania.'

Yar, I'm going to bed.


Megan Wolfe said...

Hey Ed!
Welcome back to SF! Nice sketch! I'm still checking the blog, though maybe not commenting so much. :)

Ed Davenport said...

Lol, i figured as much. I'm was tired yesterday, and the week's worth of 0 “comments" got to me. That being said, your stuff is looking good. Too bad your workshop doesn't start tomorrow. I'd totally go.