Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Another day, another few hours pumped into it. I'm having a blast. Blew two hours tweaking the face, didn't like it so I changed it back. I like it better this way. I'd also like to shout out some thanks to my model on this one. She's worked some long hard thankless hours, and even though it was quite a few months ago, I hope she finds some comfort in knowing that those photo's are being put to good use.


Jonathan Colton said...

Good one. There IS a reason there are lots of chicks with guns artists out there.

A) They are fun to draw.
B) The gun is a phallic symbol.
C) What's not to like?
D) The modern movement of empowering women.
E) They sell like crazy.

Choose one of the above.

Anyways, great sketch. Do you have a color comp yet?

Ed Davenport said...

I've actually been noodling out and solving all kinds of value problems that have been cropping up in the background. I really want that cooked skelly to pop, and such. So, not yet but soon.

I rock at multiple choice questions. Maybe that factors into it? =D