Friday, August 29, 2008

Woot, flying home tomorrow

I'm flying back to idaho for a week starting tomorrow. I'm pretty thrilled about it. I've spent most of my time tonight looking up old 2005 penny arcade web comics instead of packing. It's only a week, and I find I take less and less with me each and every time I return to the mother land. Of course I'm taking my new phonebook sized sketchbook, and enough pens and markers to easily bust the 4 liquid ounce limit. I'm concerned I might have to abandon the pantone trias to the airport lost and found. Found a new Japanese restaurant that sailed to the top of my favorite Japanese restaurants list. It's called Medicine. It was good. A designer brought in a metric ton of tootsie pops. That's right, we had our spoon full of sugar. So, go there. get the Medicine roll. And marvel at the beat stained rice, as you ply your way through the water cress forest of that end cap roll. I was introduced, by the way, to a new mechanic of the chop stick. Apparently, if you try and eat one of these "end cap rolls" that have a second rolls worth of carrots, crab, and what have you sticking out of it: you can use the two sticks together as a sort of battering ram. I can't recommend doing this with a fork, as the risk of injury is too great. And doing it with a spoon risks disfigurement of a far worse kind. (ask me about "Mad dog Madson" one of these days.) Point being, I’ve only got a rough sketch for you tonight, and am going to be out in the sticks for the next week. Have a good weekend all.

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