Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pro Sketchbook

So, I'm fiddling around my hard drive, and i find this sketchbook program. It's the sketchbook program, apparently, the Pro Sketchbook, with capitol letters. It was a demo, of the non sequential variety. Meaning that you have 15 "24 hour" periods to use the program. I've got 5 days left. 5 days of Wacom Bliss. It was an Alias product, when I got the demo the first time. Now it's Autodesk.
I don't know what improvements Autodesk Sketchbook Pro have over Alias Sketchbook Pro. I know that one of the aforementioned is getting my money. I suppose that's not the important part, in this purist search for Digital Art Nirvana (yeah, Capitol letters.... © even.)
So, the important part. I threw this dapper gentleman together while listening to music after coming down from a particularly challenging day at work. Channeling because I had a head cold. Nothing like drawing kids when you’re the one with the runny nose.


Piya said...

Wow, this is a departure for you. You painted a boy! And no guns. Yay!!!!

jonisart said...

Hey, he looks a little like you:-) Piya was telling me about this digital sketch thing, I really have to try it!