Thursday, November 26, 2009

3 Reasons I think I'm turning into Ashley Wood

I find that as I move further into the digital painting realm, that I'm picking up influences.
I'm very happy with this. I mean, it's always better to be moving forward. If the alternative is crying to myself as I check out
Adam Hughes Deviant Art page, I'll move forward.

Anyway, in no specific order; my reasons I think I'm turning into Ashley Wood:

1. I'm drawing lots of latex cat suits.
Now, if I was a proper blogger I'd be pulling images of his into this. As I'm not, and I'm assuming that you have a passing knowledge of Mr. Wood's body of work. You'll actually be asking me why I'm not drawing more robots. But I'm a huge fan of how he treats the female form, and Yeah... Shiny girls are fun to draw.

2. I'm using all kinds of crazy textures.
This is something that I've noticed in Ashley's work, and other successful digital artists as well. Of course it's something that I can improve on, but the seeds have been planted.

3. My silhouettes stand out.
One of the things that strikes me most in the art I like, is a strong silhouette. Mr. Wood's work demonstrates this in spades.

Now, of course I'm pursuing my own illustrative style and body of work. But I'm doing my best to take in strong examples and mature as an illustrator. Just as easily I could have brought up differences in my work. But I like the idea of being inclusive.
Also, as I've noted. I find a shared sense of subject matter with the man.

Is there another artist that I'm starting to remind you of?
I'd love to hear about it.

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