Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ah, I guess two weeks isn't bad. As it is, I'm pretty thrilled with sketching right now. I think I've discovered the best sketching surface for me. I know there's artists out there that try everything that they can get their hands on. I know, because I've tried just about every sketchbook at least once. (working at an art supply store for a few years has it's perks.) Long story short, I've dug out an old 19x24 pad of bristol board and hit it with a 6b pencil (Sanford Draughting Pencil on Strathmore 300 cold press if we're counting, and we are.)

It's changed everything.

I mean, I like to elongate my figures... a lot as I've sat back and looked at my collection of work that I've amassed. trying to get something to fit in a 9x12 is pretty futile. I mean, most of the time, if I'm putting a reasonable sized face on the paper, I can't quite fit anything beneath the knees. On that big sexy pad of bristol board, I've got room to spare. Also, the tooth is perfect. Makes me think that Strathmore's going to discontinue the line or something. Getting it into the computer has proved to be a challenge however. Well, a regular scanner is right out. I takes a digital camera. Two things I've learned the hard way. First, don't flash a graphite drawing... it won't work. Second, I don't care how oversized 8 megapixels feels for simple line art... you're gonna want the highest res you can squeeze into your camera.

Anyway, Here's my favorite right arm that I've drawn yet in my sketching career. Enjoy.

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