Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Pointed girls with guns, or exhuming relics.

I've got to mention my Roman Coppola synchrony weekend. It’s tenuous, but I’m counting it anyway. I picked up CQ, and The Life Aquatic a ways back, and I watched them both over the weekend. And then I turned around and watched them again with the Commentaries. I was very surprised to listen to how often Roman Coppola was mentioned in both commentaries. Not the least of which was writing, directing, and doing the documentary on of and about CQ. Which, if you haven't seen it and you’re looking for a good flick about: an aspiring artist finding inspiration in everyday life, cool 60’s movie chick space action flicks, and/or a really hot blond. This may be your perfect movie. It’s one of those films that just make you want to turn around and make a film. Yeah, he was second unit director on The life aquatic. Which, if you haven't seen it, as about the other side of the hill.

I also watched the fat boy slim video for Praise you, but I'm pretty sure that’s a different Roman Coppola.

Which brings me to this gem of a sketch. I usually don’t work on my images after they’ve been in my sketchbook a year, I usually don’t cut up my sketch books either. And I nearly never do so in that order.

The reason that I picked this sketch out to work up and redo was very simple to me. It's cool as hell! But when I drew it a year or two back I was really into over rendering out faces. I’m not talking about spending 20 minutes shading upper lips or anything like that. I mean that I explicitly defined her cheekbones. The poor girl looked like she was on Meth, or maybe Heroin (not Heroine... that’s different.)
Where was I? oh yes, my simple reason was this. It was awesome, but it needed one more pass. That, and the jacket was too cool.
Straight against curve? Whatever do you mean kind sir, why would I do that?

The halo she’s sporting is yellow highlighter. The gun is ray. Um, and she’s about to produce the beat down. Look at those zipper’s fly.


jonisart said...

I love the jacket. I think you should start a clothing line, clothes for girls who kick ass;-)

Omama said...

Hey, I agree-straight on curves is sweet. It accentuates the curves. I like here halo as well.
You should do a clothing line. That jacket should be leather, white leather. The insignia purple with pink as the arrow. Kick ass by all means but do it femininely.
'Right? of course Right!